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Pokémon GO’s Christmas Gift Surprise: Incubator, Incense And Upgraded Pokeball Bundles For Sale

Photo: Niantic

One final mystery of Niantic’s Pokémon GO Christmas event has been solved. Data miners previously excavated some new “present” images from the game before the launch of this event, and now they’ve shown up in the game itself.

For reasons I don’t quite get, Niantic decided to keep these new for-sale present boxes a secret, only unleashing them today and not mentioning them in their initial post about the Christmas/Holiday/New Year’s event.

The boxes come in three tiers, Special, Great and Ultra, and they will be on sale from today until January 3rd.

Initially when I first saw these in the store, I thought they were going to be gambly “mystery” boxes with randomized items, but that isn’t actually the case, as the contents are listed clearly once you click on them.

Special Box –  10x Great Balls, 2x Incubators (250 coins)

Great Box – 20x Great Balls, 2x Incense, 4x Incubators (550 coins)

Ultra Box – 20x Ultra Balls, 25x Incense, 6x Incubators (1500 coins)

That puts the prices at about $2.50, $5 and $12 respectively, and if you do the math, this actually is quite a good deal on some of the most important products in the game, especially given the nature of the Holiday event which requires a lot of egg hatching.

Photo: Niantic/Silph Road

The bundles are definitely a good value. It’s hard to measure the value of Great and Ultra balls because this is the first time they’ve ever been sold. I’m going to say Great Balls are twice as valuable as regular Pokeballs, and Ultra Balls are 4x as valuable. So with that, you’re getting:

Special – 400 coins worth of items for 250 coins

Great – 960 coins worth of items for 550 coins

Ultra  – 2550 coins worth of items for 1500 coins.

All of this is give or take, and depends if you agree with my assessment of Great and Ultra Ball value, but it’s pretty close to that. This is rather fantastic deal for these items, even excluding the balls themselves.

So, beg your parents for one last Christmas gift in the form of one of these packages. Don’t forget to get your daily, free, one-time use Incubator every day starting today, but stock up on extras with these bundles to hatch babies. And you’re going to want all that incense once the starters start spawning in a few days in the latter half of this event.


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