2017 is almost upon us, and with it another year of video game releases, controversies, and unexpected twists and turns.

I’ve taken some time to list out as many 2017 video game predictions as I could come up with, stopping at 60 because, quite frankly, sometimes it’s just better to stop while you’re ahead.

But enough with introductions! Here’s my list of 60 Predictions For Video Games In 2017:

    1. The next Call of Duty will be futuristic (Advanced Warfare 2) and people will be mad (but it’ll actually be really good.)
    2. Pokemon GO will release a huge Gen 2 update, will still mostly be a subpar, overhyped Pokemon game.
    3. The Nintendo Switch will be really great, but 3rd-party support will fizzle up quickly. Sales will not impress.
  1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be delayed, but will meet with critical acclaim at launch.
  2. The new Super Mario will be great, but will not fill the void left by Zelda at launch.
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn will be a disappointment, neither great nor terrible.
  4. Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding will keep getting weirder, won’t be called Death Stranding, won’t come out in 2017.


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