Apple AAPL -0.72% has its hands full with the ongoing iPhone ‘30% Bug’ which I exclusively revealed last month, especially with iOS 10.2 making it worse. But it looks like the company has still had time to focus on making iOS 10.3 a major release…

In a pair of tweets my good friend and famed Apple leaker Sonny Dickson revealed once again he has his finger on the pulse as he revealed iOS 10.3 will begin testing on January 10th. He also said the release will centre around the introduction of a new feature called ‘Theatre Mode’.

Theatre Mode will be added to the Control Center on iPhones and iPads and, appropriately enough, its icon will be popcorn shaped. Little is known at this stage how Theatre Mode will work. The name suggests it could be related to movie playback (perhaps an optimised video viewing mode), but instead Dickson believes it is going to be a form of enhanced Dark Mode.

If Dickson is correct, the assumption is it will be a one button option to both dim the screen and mute audio and notifications thereby making a device acceptable for use in the theatre. A personal aside here: whatever Theatre Mode delivers, NO use of smartphones or tablets is EVER acceptable in a theatre – your life can be put on hold for a few hours!

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