US Bank Account Facilities and Procedure

  • How to get your own US Bank Account
  • How to receive ACH transfers payment from PayPal, Clickbank or any other service.
  • How to get a MasterCard to withdraw your funds anywhere
  • How to receive payments from customers in the US
  • How to get more than 3 US Banks alternatives that can be cheaper and faster to use

¿But Why Do you need a US Bank Account?

If you are selling online, you know how expensive and time consuming is to get your funds in your country. Even if your are selling in a traditional way, getting your funds from customer in US can be very time consuming and costly.
Online service as PayPal offer send checks emailed to you can that can cost anywhere from USD$ 5,00 to USD$ 30,00 which not a big deal if not for the charges that your local bank will take for the international deposit.

But the most important of all problems… the time.

It can take weeks or even months to see your money. Specially if you sell occasionally and your payment service have a high minimum required before send you the checks (PayPal require USD$ 150,00 plus USD$ 12,00 for mailing costs).
Let’s face it.

  • If you use PayPal or EBay to make some money occasionally. You need a US Bank Account.
  • If you have, or want to have, clients in the U.S. You need a US Bank Account.
  • If you want to make serious business in the Internet. You need a US Bank Account.

How to Open an US Bank Account – Expensive Method

You can search in your local city if there is banks that gives this service. In my home town they ask for tons of papers and references. And a minimum deposit from USD$ 2000,00 to even USD$ 10000,00 (Yes, you read it right, ten thousands!).
I don’t think this is the best way.

Open US bank Account for non US Residents:

Bank Name: Bank Of America, HSBC,Citibank
Routing: 0610000**
Account Number: 00003504882459***
Account Type: Checking

How to withdraw ?

  • With a US bank account you will get a MasterCard.
  • The MasterCard can use anytime, anywhere in ATM.
  • The MasterCard can use to verify your PayPal account.

Receive payments through any of the following services:

  • Receive from select US corporations, including PayPal, Skrill, Amazon, Apple and more!
  • Even better, anybody can deposit in your US bank account!
  • You can withdraw your PayPal account Money via MasterCard!

  Need to Apply ? your US bank Account:

  • Passport scan copy of your identity or any others gov. authorize id card! Like driving license.
  • Age above 18 years.
Please add on skype or fill up our contact form to contact and assist you with your request.
*Account opening is subject to approval based on local regulations and policies of country of application.

Now you can open US bank account and use to deposit in your account and receive or withdraw your PayPal, Skrill money in Nepal. or anywhere in the world at ATMs.

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