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5 Technology Habits To Break in 2017 That Will Make You Smarter and Give You More Time


During 2016 I was lucky enough to interview some incredibly smart people and several trends/themes emerged time and time again.  2017 is a big one for me so I will need to focus in order to make sure everything runs smoothly (plus who doesn’t need more time to do what they really want to do?).  Here are five habits to break in 2017 if you want to be smarter and claw back time in 2017.

Stop rewarding (and posting) terrible clickbait content on LinkedIn

This includes responding to maths problems, posting quote porn and dead people announcements. Sounds harsh but you’re clogging up everyone’s feeds and teaching LinkedIn that this stuff is useful. It’s not. They should know better but they like engagement…don’t hate them. Oh it’ll make you happier too.

BENEFIT TO YOU: Saves you time, makes you more intelligent as you’ll have a better quality newsfeed.

A hard one because we increasingly listen to respond and not to understand. Collectively we need to reteach ourselves what quality content is and stop rewarding bad content producers. Instead, focus on formulating counter points – critical thinking is and increasingly desired skill (and per WEF will be the most demanded skill for 2020). Try to refrain from doing anything with content that is baiting or simply just fluff. Lurking is apparently making us all miserable anyway…

BENEFIT TO YOU: More time, better thinking, better algorithm results for you


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