The Department of Passport has launched a mobile application with the aim of easing the process of applying for passport.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Prakash Sharan Mahat today inaugurated the app amidst a function at DoP office in Narayanhiti. “The mobile app would not only save applicants’ time, but also help ease the passport personalisation process,” he added.

Director General of DoP Sushil Kumar Lamsal informed that the service was currently available only in passport application centres where live enrollment system has already been introduced.

This means the service would be available at the DoP office in Narayanhiti, Kathmandu as well as 10 Nepali embassies and diplomatic missions based in New York and Washington of USA; Doha of Qatar; Riyadh and Jeddah of Saudi Arabia; Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia; Abu Dhabi of UAE; London of UK; Kuwait; and Hong Kong, according to Lamsal.

The DoP said in a press release that service seekers can download the mobile app ‘Nepal Passport’ in their cell phone and fill the passport application form before directly submitting it to the passport personalisation system of the DoP.

Once the form is submitted, the system automatically provides a bar code to the concerned applicants. The applicants should then contact the DoP or other live enrolment centres along with the bar code number for further processing.

Director General Lamsal, however, made it clear that applicants need to produce or submit a recommendation letter from their concerned District Administration Office while applying for passport through DoP or live enrolment centres.