If you want slick design, go for a Mac. If you want gaming power, get a PC. But if you love to tinker, chances are you’re into Linux, and we’ve got good news for you. The coin-sized VoCore2 Mini is now on sale for $42.99, and will help you maximize the potential of Linux’s open-source, maker-friendly platform.

While it’s comparable in size to an Oreo cookie, the VoCore has a lot more than frosting inside. It packs everything you’d expect of a full-sized computer: a 580 mHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, an SD card slot, a USB port, and an audio jack, all of which work to handle any computing-intensive tasks with absolutely no problem.

But perhaps the VoCore’s most interesting features are its ethernet jack and a 802.11n wireless adapter. This opens up tons of project possibilities, allowing you to program your VoCore into a music streaming hub, private storage cloud, VPN gateway, or whatever else you can dream up.